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When I’m studying I always find myself thinking about things I’ve been wanting to get for a while. Countless lists and links are made and saved, some as we speak. One thing is for sure, everything is more interesting than studying. I’m my most creative self during these periods of time so I make sure to write down my ideas and wish lists because you think you’ll remember, but you won’t. Here are 5 things currently circling my mind again for the 500th – and counting, yes I think a lot – time.


Leia Sfez - www.thetawnyfox.com -Photo: Leia Sfez

 I’ve been meaning to get this watch for years, so why haven’t I? A decent watch is always an investment but still, I’ve bought some expensive things over the last couple of years, surely this watch can make the cut? I guess something I wanted a bit more always came in the way of it finding it’s way onto my wrist. Maybe it will this year?


The Glamourai - www.thetawnyfox.com -Photo: The Glamourai

Same story here, these headphones have been on my wish list for years, but are a bit more expensive than the ones I’m used to. I personally love the black ones with gold and since they’re interchangeable, you can pick whichever you like! They will be mine some day!


Polienne - www.thetawnyfox.com -Photo: Polienne

Since my eyesight is very bad, I don’t buy a lot of glasses. They end up costing me a fortune on prescription glasses alone. But when I came across Polette eyewear I grew fond of my glasses again. They have a wide selection of frames for very affordable prices and I feel like, since I’m pretty much blind (-8.00), my eyes deserve to be adorned with some beautiful frames from which I can choose each day. Better get on it!


Stylizimo - www.thetawnyfox.com -Photo: Nina Holst

I know, I know. These scented candles are the crush of many bloggers, way to be original. But they encompass everything I love, simplicity and scents when smelled make your face look like you let go of all your troubles at ones. Though they come at a – some might say – pretty ridiculous price. But hey, when burned, you reuse them for holding your make-up brushes like every beauty blogger does.


Oracle Fox - www.thetawnyfox.com -Photo: Oracle Fox

Lately I’ve grown more and more obsessed with minimalistic or geometric jewelry, in perticular the rings and cuffs. I rarely step outside without my rings, makes me feel naked. But I’ve been meaning to expand my – very small – collection. No shortage of inspiration here but my jewelry goeroe is Oracle Fox. I love her, she is everything I aspire to be. I hope I will grow into my style the way she has, what better way to start then with the things I’m obsessed with?

Sooooo, graduation gifts anyone?

  • http://coloursofmyjoy.com/ Lauren | Colours of my joy

    Serieus Liesbeth, kunnen onze gedachten nog meer synchroon lopen? :D xo

    • http://www.thetawnyfox.com/ Liesbeth I THE TAWNY FOX

      Haha ik heb dat bij u ook altijd! Zoals met koper in het interieur ;) x

      • http://coloursofmyjoy.com/ Lauren | Colours of my joy

        hihi inderdaad! BF voor iets he ;-) xo

  • http://thatgirlwithherblog.com/ Jolien

    Ik heb sinds gisteren een Daniel Wellington en ik ben er zooooo blij mee! Prachtige horloge. Die headphones wil ik ook wel, jammer dat ze zo duur zijn. Superleuke blog heb je trouwens, ik ga je meteen volgen!

    • http://www.thetawnyfox.com/ Liesbeth I THE TAWNY FOX

      Ja ik ben er nog steeds van aan het dromen! Dankjewel Jolien, de jouwe ook!