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Time passes by quickly when you’re having fun! Sorry for keeping you waiting, Milano turned out to be more bussy than expected. So if you read the M(AR)CH TO COME post, you already know that I went to Milano to follow a course at the Politech University. The nice thing was that during this week – apart from following lessons – we went on two trips, one to the centre of Milano, one to Como. The weird thing was that at first my expectations of the city were not met at all, but after a few days it started to grow on me. This was partly because of our fellow Italian student/guide who showed us all the places to be at. We rented a room in a beautiful appartement using airbnb, our host – Valentina – was so lovely! She made us breakfast everyday and made us addicted to Italian coffee. I ended up buying a mokka express from Bialetti, it’s that good. The last day we went shopping, so you can expect a Milano haul following very soon! Although I didn’t count on it, I made some really great friends and I miss them so much already, but hopefully I will get to see them again very soon – oh yes, this means more traveling for sure!

But the most important part of the trip is – obviously – the places we went to AFTER classes. If you ever visit Milano, please make sure to stop by the following spots, you won’t regret it!

F O O D   A N D   D R I N K S

Via Santa Radegonda,16 – 20121 Milano
Tasty Italian treats for a quick bite.

Margy Burger
Piazza Santo Stefano, 2 - 20122 Milan
If you like burgers, you will definitely like these
big Milanese ones – I dare you to finish them.

Fonderie Milanesi
Via Giovenale, 7 – 20136 Milano
For the full on hipster experience with great drinks and aperitivo
– buffet – to ease your hungry stomach.

thetawnyfoxfonderiemilanesii  thetawnyfoxfonderiemilanesi2

Harp pub guinness
Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, 10 – 20133 Milano
An old fashioned cozy pub, with a wide selection of beer and complementary Italian treats.

il brutto anatroccolo
Via Evangelista Torricelli, 3 – 20136 Milano
A restaurant where all the locals go, with good and reasonably priced food.
Be sure to come early, there will be a big waiting line.

Enoteca Castiglioni
Via Giuseppe Rovelli, 17 – 22100 Como
A lovely restaurant in Como, to eat the best local food – I recommend the pasta’s.

D R I N K S   A N D   G O I N G  O U T

Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 59 – Milano
The place where all the hipster chill or get some work done with a few drinks at hand.

thetawnyfoxupcycle  thetawnyfoxupcycle2

Nordest Cafè
Via Pietro Borsieri, 35 – 20159 Milano
A fun place with good drinks in a neighborhood with many more bars.
During the day they also serve food.

Via Corsico, 12 – 20144 Milano
If you’re into cocktails, make sure to pass by this bar in the middle of the
bubbly night life area of Milano – I recommend the long island.

BQ. Birra Artigianale di Qualità
Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 44 – 20144 Milano
The perfect place to sample some Italian beers.

Via Valtellina, 25 – 20159 Milano
Check out this awesome club for a night full of live performances and dancing.