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Since starting this blog, my love for beauty and skin care related products has continued to grow. I enjoy using make-up a lot more and I regularly – as observed and confirmed by my close friends – treat myself to the wonderful smells of body creams, shower gels and scrubs. However my relationship to facial products has always been a difficult one. I shy away from switching up my routine and until a while ago I used as little products as possible. To give you an idea about my skin, it’s acne prone with a very oily T zone, dry cheeks, a serious lack of hydration and it get’s irritated very easily. Even just wiping it with a washing cloth get’s it all red and angry. So, desperate not to agitate it more I used the bare minimum of water and a day cream. And it worked, for a while I had really good skin and my face looked better than ever. Until I switched my birth control this year. Oh my did I not …



As time goes by, I realize more and more that life is a series of moments. And that your actions in those moments define your life. Seems obvious. But what happens when you let too many moments slip away, when you fail yourself by doing nothing. You let opportunities pass you by and graduatelly get stuck in a circle of continues unhappiness. Untill you brake it. It’s easy to see the solution to this problem when looking at it from a distance but when you’re smack in the middle of it, it’s not. I reckon a lot of people struggle with this and some of you might even recognize it. I’m not ashamed to say I have had few bad months in which I lost my purpose. I’ve always known what I wanted out of life but sometimes you just lose the courage to make it all happen. In my modest opinion – and that of so many corny quotes – it IS the small things that matter. Or in other words, it’s the small things …

The Tawny Fox: Prologue 2016


Exactly one year ago, this day was the birth of The Tawny Fox. It was and still is a learning process but it has brought me closer to my passions in life – because why have only one? There are a lot of things I enjoy in this world and talking about them only makes them more tangible. 2015 was a year of discovery and self-awareness. As any year it had it’s ups and downs but writing here kept me level-headed. I’m a little closer to knowing myself and what I’m about, where my interests lie and what I want out of life. I’m excited to discover more this year and to pursue a passion I’ve only recently fell into. As I grow more comfortable, it will certainly find it’s place here but for now practice makes perfect. I decided not to make any Newyear’s resolutions as we all know they rarely stick. One thing I do want to improve at every day is to be a better version of myself and I think that’ll encompass …

The Tawny Fox: Komono pop-up


As hinted in the previous article, another driving adventure locked it’s way into my calendar. Last week, we – Van and I – went of to Brussels to visit the pop-up store opening of the Belgium based brand Komono. After driving by a winter fair with a festively lit ferris wheel we arrived at our destination, welcomed by music and the humming of laughing voices. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and soon enough, so were we. After getting ourselves a spiked drink – i.e. just Van since I was the designated driver – we talked to a few people from Komono, who where so lovely and kind, and they introduced us to some more people from Oona. I really enjoy meeting new people but it’s not always easy to just walk up to someone and start talking to them, especially when half of them spoke French, because Brussels. Anyway, onto the watches and sunglasses, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves because god there’s a lot of wishlist material in there. The pop-up remains until the …

the tawny fox: oona press days


A bit overdue but here now, the trip down oona press days memory lane. A lot has happened since the last article, I turned 23 last week. Can’t say I feel any different though. Also the work in my future home is nearing it’s end, which means starting January – probably February – articles on The Tawny Fox will come abundantly and more regularly. Looking forward to that! This week I finished my first construction/building permit, which is kind of exiting since something I designed will actually be built in real life for the first time. It’s a renovation project of a very – VERY – small terraced house but I enjoyed turning it into proper home. Onto the actual subject of this article. Oona represents some amazing brands, I don’t feel like namedropping every brand present without the accompanying photos and background so you can check them all out at Oona’s website. However there are few labels you will see pop up here again – very soon so! CAFE COSTUME will be opening a storefront …



Apart from having at least avoided traffic, navigating through Antwerp wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  Driving down cable car tracks just feels very unnatural. As we passed the street we were supposed to drive through, I looked over to my friend Van with the ‘of-course-face’. Of course it was under construction. She grinned, threw up her shoulders and said “eh, we’ll get there”. I was so happy to have her with me, calming force to the rescue. We met up with Lauren after parking the car and soon enough we set course to our first stop of the day, Feinest labels. It was my first time visiting the press days in Antwerp, so with no idea what to expect I stepped through the big glass doors of the showroom. We got a lengthy explanation from all of the labels present but only a few really spoke to me. Starting off with one that encompasses my biggest obsession, lingerie. OPHELIA lingerie was founded by Ophelia Debisschop – the wonderful woman in the photo below – who makes each individual …



During my stay in Milano earlier this year, I met the most amazing – twin – girls. We – my sweet friend Vane and I – knew then and there we needed to see them again. No sooner said than done,  Vane and I flew off to Warsaw this summer to stay with them for four days. I didn’t have a lot of expectations for Poland since I really had no idea what it was like there, but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Krakau – which we visited by train – was definitely the prettiest with all of it’s old architecture, cozy streets filled with typical Polish shops and big town square as a podium for a weekly market filled with handmade goods. Warsaw on the other hand was a big city, and with big I mean BIG. Since it was bombed during the war, they basically built it back up from scratch. A lot of skyscrapers, big streets, harsh architecture – meaning very clean, cold, straight, communist – and very busy …



It seems like my love for – minimalistic – jewellery is slowly becoming a thing on The Tawny Fox. When I went to C-mine to visit ‘Handgemarkt’ – an indoor market filled with handmade pieces – and also bumped into the labyrinth a while ago, I strolled past various stands not really being intrigued by any of them. Until some dainty silver jewellery pieces caught my eye. I could not help but share this amazing Dutch brand called Danielle Vroemen Jewellery. Pieces like these can only be designed by someone very talented and passionate, so there’s no doubt Danielle has a lot of both. Having grown up in a family of DIY’ers – so to speak – working with her hands came natural from a young age. After graduating the Academy of fine arts in Maastricht, she took the time to figure out what she wanted out of life. But soon enough her creativity got the better of her and she designed and created her first jewellery collection ‘GEOM’ in 2010. Now, five years later, she has four collections, GABARIT being the …



Entering fall has made me more appreciative of the few sunny days we have left. So when the sunday morning blue sky predicted a good day ahead, there was no way I was staying inside. I called a friend, grabbed my coat – which in retrospect I could have left home – and left to visit a market filled with handmade goods located in C-mine, Genk – more about that later. Stepping out into the giant courtyard our eyes locked onto a big square steel structure filling up a big part of the space. Obviously we weren’t about to leave without checking it out. It turned out to be a labyrinth – and a rather difficult one at that – designed by the art and architecture duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and Herman Meuwes for C-mine’s 10th birthday. Apparently, people like to get lost because due to it’s succes it’s staying put until september 2016! I LOVED it, visiting on a sunny day was the best coincidental choice we made. The structure has circular cut outs all over, …



Mind – since the day I wrapped my head around the fact I’m actually moving out – on decorating none stop. I think Pintrest is sore from me scrolling through endlessly. ‘I don’t need a Pintrest house’ he says, but dear boyfriend, I do. I’m trying hard not to drive him completely crazy with my ideas so instead I might as well share them with you. These are some interior objects I’m fawning over, and will hopefully end up in my house too. A N I M A L S RHINO.OUI • BEAR.OUI • BEAR/PENGUIN.MAISONS DU MONDE F A B R I C LINNEN.H&M HOME • BASKET.OUI • BOXES.OUI C A N D L E S H&M HOME • OUI • H&M HOME C O P P E R LAMP.MAISONS DU MONDE • BASKETS.OUI • STOOL.MAISONS DU MONDE Which interior trends/items get you excited?