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Were you ever in a situation where you planned so many things for summer but then, you ended up doing the complete opposite? Yeah, that happened. They say that after graduation you will inevitably fall into a big black hole. Though that’s not exactly what happened to me, I can relate to that. The last months before graduation were so stressful I needed a break, from everything. I decided I wanted to spend my vacation not ‘having to do stuff’, like I had to at University. I wanted to be free of obligations, unfortunately the blog felt like one of those things at the time. Because let’s be real, blogging takes effort. Coming up with good content joined by equally good pictures takes time and work, and that did not fit into my I’m-having-a-break-from-everything routine. Meanwhile a lot of things happened. I start my new – and very first – job 1st of october at an architecture firm, which is very exciting. But even more exciting is the fact that I’m moving out of my …



I’m back! And graduated! It’s hard to believe I’m not a student anymore. Entering the world of grownups is kind of scary, and I most definitely don’t feel like one. BUT as a reward for my hard work I get three months of vacation, YAS! Summer plans are being made as we speak. If you’re wondering what I’ll be doing after this vacation, well, I just signed the contract to my first job at an architecture firm where I’ll be doing my two year internship. Exciting stuff right? Though I feel a bit rusty after this over-a-month lasting break from blogging, it feels soothing to finally be able to write down my thoughts again and share my interests with you. I got a lot more to tell you but let’s not throw all the good stuff into one article. The Tawny Fox journey continues!  



When I’m studying I always find myself thinking about things I’ve been wanting to get for a while. Countless lists and links are made and saved, some as we speak. One thing is for sure, everything is more interesting than studying. I’m my most creative self during these periods of time so I make sure to write down my ideas and wish lists because you think you’ll remember, but you won’t. Here are 5 things currently circling my mind again for the 500th – and counting, yes I think a lot – time. DANIEL WELLINGTON WATCH Photo: Leia Sfez  I’ve been meaning to get this watch for years, so why haven’t I? A decent watch is always an investment but still, I’ve bought some expensive things over the last couple of years, surely this watch can make the cut? I guess something I wanted a bit more always came in the way of it finding it’s way onto my wrist. Maybe it will this year? FRENDS HEADPHONES Photo: The Glamourai Same story here, these headphones have …



It’s Memebox time again! My love for Asian beauty products has not resided one bit, so I’d like to introduce you to a few more. One of my dreams is to visit Japan and South-Korea, they have an amazing culture and architectural heritage for one, but obviously the stores would be seeing a lot of me too. One more thing, you might have noticed I only publish once a week – on monday-ish – now. This will continue for the month of June because of my exams. But don’t worry, starting July, I will be alive and kicking again! This girl loves her pink so you can imagine my excitement opening this box! I got six full sized products this time, most of them make-up related. They are all from the famous Korean beauty brand Banila co. If you missed the last Memebox and want more info about it check out the previous article. First off the skin care products: CLEAN IT ZERO – This product, wow, my favorite by far! It’s a make-up remover and it …



My monday just got a whole lot better! H&M has done so pretty amazing colabs in the past but this one, this one makes me a very happy girl. The announcement for the colab between Balmain and H&M came yesterday – unexpectedly – at the Billboard Music Awards. I’m guessing they love their surprises. We don’t know much yet about the collection from our haute couture fashion house gone affordable but we all know, it’s going to be good. Check out H&M’s and Balmain’s Instagram for more sneak peeks and I will see you all on the 5th of november! Picture from H&M



I’ve been hinting I had something exciting planned for you and now the moment is finally here! I’m happy to introduce you to the gorgeous jewelry brand ST’ATOUR. I also have a surprise in store so if I got you curious, keep reading on! It all started roughly 3 years, when an idea sparked in the mind of Stephanie Wilfert. Based in Leipzig – Germany – she now runs a successful one woman business, creating unique minimalistic jewelry pieces by hand. ST’ATOUR is a combination of the first two letters of her name and the French word ‘atourner’ which means ‘to adorn oneself’, in this case with handmade statement jewelry. She draws inspiration from the pure beauty of things, clear shapes and keen contrasts. All of her jewelry pieces are the result of her passion, dedication and pride for her craft. I asked her what made her start the journey into jewelry making and she answered: “As a Designer I‘m truly in love with shapes, forms, patterns and beautiful things. Also simplicity. My personal style is full …



Time is going by so fast, it’s ridiculous. My last year at university is taking its toll and I’m struggling very hard to keep at it. They decided to give us some more assignments in these last months so you’ll have to bear with me here on the blog. I have some exiting things coming but until I am ready to put my all back into The Tawny Fox, you can follow me on Instagram. I keep it updated on a daily basis just for you, Instadaily you got it. So stay tuned! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE TAWNY FOX ON INSTAGRAM Love for clothes and jewelry in ootd’s.. ..sneak peek to a new article? Who knows.. animal and jewelry addiction getting out of hand. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE TAWNY FOX ON INSTAGRAM



Today’s a little life update of sorts, so this is what happened. Two weeks ago I went to the store, bought running shoes – Nike Free 5.0, they are so comfy! – and pulled my gym clothes out of the back of my closet. Why? I decided it was about time to kickstart my long abandoned BikiniBodyGuide training. Yes, I am a part of the Kayla army, at least I like to think I am. The embarrassing part is I already started the BBGuide last summer but due to vacations I had to – yes, had to, no choice there – stop. But then I never really started it up again, I talked about doing it, but never did. It happens. So why am I telling you this? I guess I want to make it official, and I really need your support to keep going. This way I’m forced to persevere  – can’t lose face with you guys! – and I can turn to you when I’m having a hard time. I’m already thrilled to see …



So, my guess is you already know which store I went to. I caved again when I entered their store in Maastricht – the sad thing is I actually didn’t go to buy stuff for myself, but I went with Lauren from Colours Of My Joy to buy some presents for her mother’s birthday. I’m a weak, weak person. However, now I can spread the joy that is Lush! Being on the lookout for a new shampoo – I switch a lot – this BIG seasaltshampoo caught my eye. Well, actually it caught my nose because to be honest, it was one of the few shampoo’s with a nice – gorgeous actually – scent to it and the one trait a shampoo HAS to have – in my opinion – is a nice fragrance. The seasalt is ment to give your hair extra volume – like the sea salt spray when making beach waves – and in combination with the coconut oil, your hair gets all the benefits without drying out! That being said, it definitely gives my …



So – finally – what found it’s way into my suitcase back from Milano? One word, MAKE-UP. Or is it two? Whatever. It was the only thing I was interested in buying and with huge amounts of self control I selected a few items I had to have. It was a bigger splurge than my usual make-up spendings, but hey, it’s Milano right? To start off, we unexpectedly walked into the first L’Oréal Paris flagship store. Imagine a store, stocked only with L’Oréal Paris products, crazy! They had everything from make-up to shampoo to sunscreen. The thing that caught my eye was the lip liner couture by color riche – in 302 bois de rose – one sophisticated lip liner packaging right there. I use it to colour in my lips completely, not as a lip liner, yet. It’s such a lovely pink shade and I’ve been using this so much it already needs sharpening. Nuf said. Next, the famous Italian make-up brand KIKO. The price is mostly comparable with drugstore items though they have some more expensive products. The …