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Time is going by so fast, it’s ridiculous. My last year at university is taking its toll and I’m struggling very hard to keep at it. They decided to give us some more assignments in these last months so you’ll have to bear with me here on the blog. I have some exiting things coming but until I am ready to put my all back into The Tawny Fox, you can follow me on Instagram. I keep it updated on a daily basis just for you, Instadaily you got it. So stay tuned! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE TAWNY FOX ON INSTAGRAM Love for clothes and jewelry in ootd’s.. ..sneak peek to a new article? Who knows.. animal and jewelry addiction getting out of hand. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE TAWNY FOX ON INSTAGRAM



Today’s a little life update of sorts, so this is what happened. Two weeks ago I went to the store, bought running shoes – Nike Free 5.0, they are so comfy! – and pulled my gym clothes out of the back of my closet. Why? I decided it was about time to kickstart my long abandoned BikiniBodyGuide training. Yes, I am a part of the Kayla army, at least I like to think I am. The embarrassing part is I already started the BBGuide last summer but due to vacations I had to – yes, had to, no choice there – stop. But then I never really started it up again, I talked about doing it, but never did. It happens. So why am I telling you this? I guess I want to make it official, and I really need your support to keep going. This way I’m forced to persevere  – can’t lose face with you guys! – and I can turn to you when I’m having a hard time. I’m already thrilled to see …



In my trip to Milano, we also brought a visit to Como, best known for it’s lake. In my opinion it was even more beautiful than Milano and thus I wanted to share my impression of the city. For the record, again this is a collection of my friends and my pictures. Hope you enjoy! The nature in Como is really quite stunning, I can imagine myself living in one of the houses on top of that mountain. You can’t go to Italy without eating some – ridiculously delicious – gelato! Casa del Fascio is an intriguing building, I’m glad we got to see it from the inside as well – you can find more pictures on my instagram. The kindergarten – designed by Giuseppe Terragni – had an eerie feel to it at times. This was the last photo diary from my trip, but best things are kept for last, so the Milano haul will be coming soon!



To give you a better impression of Milano, I put together a photo diary. The pictures are a collection of our whole group of friends so that’s why some are edited and some aren’t. Forgive me for the incoherentness – is that even a word? – but it’s a good representation of our experiences. The two pictures framing this text are taken inside the Fonderie Milanesi -as mentioned in the previous Milano post – the awesomeness radiating from this place is almost too much to handle. Of course we visited some of the icons of Milano like the The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – one of the world’s oldest shopping malls – and the Duomo. In case you were wondering, yes, I was in fact standing on the roof of the Duomo, it was a-mazing. And then, all of a sudden, Milano had its own Arc de Triomphe? And trees sprouted from the roof, covering everything in their wake. The architecture school – below – was an intriguing building. I wish we would have spent more hours there – instead …



Time passes by quickly when you’re having fun! Sorry for keeping you waiting, Milano turned out to be more bussy than expected. So if you read the M(AR)CH TO COME post, you already know that I went to Milano to follow a course at the Politech University. The nice thing was that during this week – apart from following lessons – we went on two trips, one to the centre of Milano, one to Como. The weird thing was that at first my expectations of the city were not met at all, but after a few days it started to grow on me. This was partly because of our fellow Italian student/guide who showed us all the places to be at. We rented a room in a beautiful appartement using airbnb, our host – Valentina – was so lovely! She made us breakfast everyday and made us addicted to Italian coffee. I ended up buying a mokka express from Bialetti, it’s that good. The last day we went shopping, so you can expect a Milano …



It feels like I will be doing a rant of sorts today, but it seemed like an important subject to discuss. To me it looks like the blogging world tries to draw up life to be kind off perfect and swearing doesn’t really fit in this picture. Of course there are blogs that use offensive words and build their image up around it. But I think it is more uncommon than common, correct me if I’m wrong. The thing is, I’m actually happy about this development because blogs are for all ages and lot’s of young kids/adolescents are influenced greatly by them, especially the big bloggers. When I hear small kids using curse words I all but cringe – when I was that age I often never even heard of them, barbies only use pretty words – but it’s only to be expected when having acces to the internet so quickly in their lives. So you might say we – bloggers, youtubers, influencers –  have a duty to be respectful in our word usage. But swearing can …



It’s March already? Jeez. February went by way too fast – d*mn those 3 days less – and so, instead of doing a February recap, I’m doing a March precap in a way. There are many exiting things to come this month and I’m really looking forward to them! But the thing that’s really making me feel over the moon is, I’m going to Milan in two weeks!  You could call it a mini Erasmus as I’m going to follow a course at the Polytechnic University of Milan for one week and I extended my stay for one weekend to see more of Milan and enjoy all of it’s delicious shops. The course is called ‘what does good architecture mean?’ and I’m really looking forward to all the amazing Italian architecture I’ll get to see there. It goes without saying that, after I’m back, there will be quite a few Milan related articles. Also, I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you about a few brands I’ve been loving. You might already know them, …



For me, the month January always consists of studying. Studying, studying, studying. Although this is probably the best January I’ve had since I started at the university, it was still a drag. But since I’m always my most creative self in times like these, something good came from it, hence The Tawny Fox was born. Obviously this was the highlight of my month and I’m exited I can spend lot’s and lot’s more time on it now! I will try to make every post worth your while. Having to learn for my exams always comes in a duo package with watching way too much tv series. Let’s not kid ourselves, we all need to take a break in between learning for at least an hour. Or two. Or three. Don’t judge. Since most of them have restarted in these last couple of weeks, I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. You’ve probably heard of all of them, and even your friends might have gone on and on about them. So maybe you finally …



DERBY It’s been way too long since my last post! I had my first exam yesterday and it’s been hard trying to get all that knowledge in my head. I still have some more to go but next week, the blog will be back on track! By the next exam period, I’ll be sure make several posts in advance like a good trooper, that’s a promise. I hope the weather turns up after the exams so I can take these out for a walk instead of just staring at them. I don’t fall in love with shoes that easily, but man I fell hard this time! Kind of hard not to catch your eye right? Right.



Last summer I went on a one-day trip to Paris with my best friend, Lauren. It was my – slightly overdue, since my birthday is in december – birthday present, for which I can’t thank her enough! We went by train and slept all trough the ride, left at 6 am, go figure. The weather did not greet us nicely, we had grey sky all trough the day. But we couldn’t be bothered, we were in Paris after all! We managed to do some major sightseeing in this short period of time, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, you name it. We even managed to get inside de Arc de Triomphe for free because we are students, ka-ching! At noon we ate some traditional French onion soup, you can never go wrong with that one. In the afternoon we got some shopping done while strolling around – in the rain – with our Starbucks coffees. Again, couldn’t be bothered. I ended up buying an elegant, very Parisian-like skirt and retro shorts, no regrets. In stead …