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HAIR TALK: Top knot

As promised, some more hair talk! This week I’ll show you how I like to make a top knot. Since my hair is really heavy, regular buns never remain in shape – many hours were spent crying in frustration in the bathroom – but with this method, it does! Just to be clear, this is not something I invented. The beauty about it is, you can easily make it as perfect, as messy, as small, as big, as high or as low as you want. And another plus, it doesn’t make my head hurt as much. With so many hair roots pulled in the wrong direction, a little pain is inevitable right? But just think about the relief felt when letting your hair down, aah.          Start with putting your hair in a high ponytail. I leave my bangs out, it’s just what you prefer. Than take your ponytail and lay it over your other hand, let it rest there.          Go around the back of your head and grab …



As you may or may not know, my hair decided to get some growing done in these past years and I have to say, it did a good job. Even though me and my hair are often treated to lot’s of oohs and aahs – which I enjoy, who doesn’t? – there are times that I’ve had a pair of scissors ready at hand to cut it all off. Why? If you bother asking such a question, I’m going to assume you do not fall under the long hair category. Thinking about it, me and having long hair are actually kind of a paradox. Maintaining long hair is a job on it’s own, and seeing as I have a lazy nature, we’re not that great of a match. But we manage. So, for all you midi-haired-girls out there, who might have been thinking about growing out your hair – or any other person who enjoys reading about hair – here’s some food for thought! No, it’s not all bad, chill. The best thing about long hair is most …