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It’s March already? Jeez. February went by way too fast – d*mn those 3 days less – and so, instead of doing a February recap, I’m doing a March precap in a way. There are many exiting things to come this month and I’m really looking forward to them! But the thing that’s really making me feel over the moon is, I’m going to Milan in two weeks!  You could call it a mini Erasmus as I’m going to follow a course at the Polytechnic University of Milan for one week and I extended my stay for one weekend to see more of Milan and enjoy all of it’s delicious shops. The course is called ‘what does good architecture mean?’ and I’m really looking forward to all the amazing Italian architecture I’ll get to see there. It goes without saying that, after I’m back, there will be quite a few Milan related articles. Also, I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you about a few brands I’ve been loving. You might already know them, …



This week, the first real sun rays broke through all the rain here in Belgium. My friend and I were taking some pictures for her blog – Vanety – and the sun got us all exited, finally I could bring some of my love for clothes into The Tawny Fox. But I have to say, posing for pictures was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. There’s no way to prepare for this I think. Everyone else makes it look so easy, why is that? Multiple people stared at me with a stupid grin on their face, which clearly implied they thought what we were doing was ridiculous. I guess it’s just something you have to get over. Newfound respect for models and fashion bloggers, check. Still, actually posting these wasn’t that evident at all, it feels weird to see myself in them – and it kind of seems quite egocentric though I’ve never thought that of any fashion blogger – but after several days of consideration, I’m putting them out there. It was my first try and my …


HAIR TALK: Top knot

As promised, some more hair talk! This week I’ll show you how I like to make a top knot. Since my hair is really heavy, regular buns never remain in shape – many hours were spent crying in frustration in the bathroom – but with this method, it does! Just to be clear, this is not something I invented. The beauty about it is, you can easily make it as perfect, as messy, as small, as big, as high or as low as you want. And another plus, it doesn’t make my head hurt as much. With so many hair roots pulled in the wrong direction, a little pain is inevitable right? But just think about the relief felt when letting your hair down, aah.          Start with putting your hair in a high ponytail. I leave my bangs out, it’s just what you prefer. Than take your ponytail and lay it over your other hand, let it rest there.          Go around the back of your head and grab …



As you may or may not know, my hair decided to get some growing done in these past years and I have to say, it did a good job. Even though me and my hair are often treated to lot’s of oohs and aahs – which I enjoy, who doesn’t? – there are times that I’ve had a pair of scissors ready at hand to cut it all off. Why? If you bother asking such a question, I’m going to assume you do not fall under the long hair category. Thinking about it, me and having long hair are actually kind of a paradox. Maintaining long hair is a job on it’s own, and seeing as I have a lazy nature, we’re not that great of a match. But we manage. So, for all you midi-haired-girls out there, who might have been thinking about growing out your hair – or any other person who enjoys reading about hair – here’s some food for thought! No, it’s not all bad, chill. The best thing about long hair is most …



Make-up plays a major role in a lot of girls’ lives. Leaving the house without any is often quite a challenge – I personally get really paranoid, this translates into me thinking everyone is staring at me like ‘what were you thinking, you can’t pull that off, go back home and fix your face!’ – and I applaud the girls who don’t have any issues with it. I obviously do. Even though I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I do have some basics, so let’s get down to my daily favorites. I very rarely leave my home without any mascara, it does so much for your face, I always feel like I look completely different. The one I’m loving right now is Sexy Pulp by Yves Rocher for extra volume, I don’t recommend using to many layers because you’ll end up with six eyelashes in clumps instead of whatever the amount of eyelashes we have. A friend told me to use a different mascara for extra length on top of the first one. Maybe this …



I’ve noticed the majority of women in this world are obsessed, or infatuated to say the least, with bags. Cross body, shoulder, shopper bags, purses, clutches, you name it. It’s an accessory like any other, but than again, not really. They actually serve a purpose, 1. carrying our wallet, 2. carrying our smart phones and 3. basically being a first aid kit for any kind of event. And it got me thinking, why don’t I have this same addiction to bags? I tend to stick to one purse for a rather long time and don’t feel the need to change it until it’s more or less worn out. I think going to a university is partly to blame, I always wear a backpack during the day and when I go out in the evening I can only bring a bad purse, one that is already worn and can take some heat. Why you ask? The basic rules of going out in Leuven – the town where I study – can be summarized as followed: drinks …



DERBY It’s been way too long since my last post! I had my first exam yesterday and it’s been hard trying to get all that knowledge in my head. I still have some more to go but next week, the blog will be back on track! By the next exam period, I’ll be sure make several posts in advance like a good trooper, that’s a promise. I hope the weather turns up after the exams so I can take these out for a walk instead of just staring at them. I don’t fall in love with shoes that easily, but man I fell hard this time! Kind of hard not to catch your eye right? Right.

New Year's Eve outfit


Dress   .   Shoes   .   Necklace   .   Clutch (similar) I just realized I didn’t actually wish you a happy new year, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! And may we stick to our resolutions for once! I always love knowing what others wear on occasions like these and I decided I wanted to share my outfit with you. The only nice picture I have of me wearing it is a bit sappy because it’s with my boyfriend, who was wearing an awesome tuxedo by the way. But who has time to take good pictures on New Year’s Eve anyway, too busy enjoying yourself for sure. Anyway, above you can find the links of where I bought the outfit pieces. The dress was by far the most becoming and comfortable dress I’ve ever worn, so if you manage to snatch one up during the sales now, don’t hesitate! The shoes, not so much. They are so beautiful but I couldn’t even make it ’till midnight on them. Those bastards pinch all the blood right out of your big toe, so …