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The Tawny Fox: Prologue 2016


Exactly one year ago, this day was the birth of The Tawny Fox. It was and still is a learning process but it has brought me closer to my passions in life – because why have only one? There are a lot of things I enjoy in this world and talking about them only makes them more tangible. 2015 was a year of discovery and self-awareness. As any year it had it’s ups and downs but writing here kept me level-headed. I’m a little closer to knowing myself and what I’m about, where my interests lie and what I want out of life. I’m excited to discover more this year and to pursue a passion I’ve only recently fell into. As I grow more comfortable, it will certainly find it’s place here but for now practice makes perfect. I decided not to make any Newyear’s resolutions as we all know they rarely stick. One thing I do want to improve at every day is to be a better version of myself and I think that’ll encompass …