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Make-up plays a major role in a lot of girls’ lives. Leaving the house without any is often quite a challenge – I personally get really paranoid, this translates into me thinking everyone is staring at me like ‘what were you thinking, you can’t pull that off, go back home and fix your face!’ – and I applaud the girls who don’t have any issues with it. I obviously do. Even though I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I do have some basics, so let’s get down to my daily favorites.

I very rarely leave my home without any mascara, it does so much for your face, I always feel like I look completely different. The one I’m loving right now is Sexy Pulp by Yves Rocher for extra volume, I don’t recommend using to many layers because you’ll end up with six eyelashes in clumps instead of whatever the amount of eyelashes we have. A friend told me to use a different mascara for extra length on top of the first one. Maybe this is an old trick I’m just finding out about but I’m definitely trying it out! My next daily essential is blush, ah blush, my number one savior when I look like I’m dead inside. The good thing about Rose Ambre by Bourjois is that a little goes a long way, so it’s cost effective! And I’m a sucker for vintage rose colors, call me old fashioned, pun intended. To finish off I use a nude lipstick to get that my-lips-but-better look. Viva Glam II by Mac does the trick perfectly, even though my wallet doesn’t always agree.


When I’m feeling a bit more adventurous – and not like my usual lazy self – I add some extra props to my make-up collection. The Cover Stick by Maybelline is great for doing some touch ups when you’re having a bad skin day or it can help hide the aftermath of a short night. I really love a good cat eye but since I don’t practice very often, it takes me a while to get it right, hence I only do this when I have more time in the morning. Before you say, why don’t you just get up earlier? No. Just, no. The one I use is Eye Love by Banila co, it’s a Korean brand I got it trough purchasing a Memebox, if you don’t know it yet be sure to stay tuned this month. I have to say, applying this is no cakewalk, at least for me it isn’t. But it stays on so well and it has that same deep black color a liquid eyeliner has, double win!

Only when I’m really putting A LOT of effort into my look, will I resort to a foundation. Not that my skin is that great, but just the thought of having to remove an entire face of make up at the end of the day. Not for me. The Foundation and Powder by Hema gives good coverage while still keeping it natural looking and it’s so cheap! Honestly, I did not know such good quality would be available for this small amount of money. If you haven’t tested their products, be sure to! Might be worth mentioning they only have stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

I do mix things up with different shades of lipstick  from day to day, but I have to admit, I – almost – never use things like eyeshadow or eyebrow powder, or bronzer for that matter. The good news is I intend to start using them in the future and I’ll keep you updated in my search for the best products!


  • Pauline

    Please do let us know the products you’ve found, I’m really getting into makeup as well :-) really like your blog!

    x Pauline

    • http://www.thetawnyfox.com/ Liesbeth I THE TAWNY FOX

      Oh bedankt, fijn om te horen! Zal ik zeker doen ;)