B e a u t y, P e r s o n a l s t y l e
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Since starting this blog, my love for beauty and skin care related products has continued to grow. I enjoy using make-up a lot more and I regularly – as observed and confirmed by my close friends – treat myself to the wonderful smells of body creams, shower gels and scrubs. However my relationship to facial products has always been a difficult one. I shy away from switching up my routine and until a while ago I used as little products as possible. To give you an idea about my skin, it’s acne prone with a very oily T zone, dry cheeks, a serious lack of hydration and it get’s irritated very easily. Even just wiping it with a washing cloth get’s it all red and angry. So, desperate not to agitate it more I used the bare minimum of water and a day cream. And it worked, for a while I had really good skin and my face looked better than ever. Until I switched my birth control this year. Oh my did I not see this coming, my forehead decided to break out to the extreme accompanied by red spots all over.

You can imagine at this point I was desperate to try anything and I ended up with this lot of gems as shown in the picture. I absolutely LOVE each and every one of these products. My skin is looking much better than before although I’m still stuck with the red spots. But a little patience will hopefully solve that. For the record, in combination with my new skin care routine I have been taking zinc tablets every day on the recommendation of my niece who has suffered from bad hormonal acne as well. She says it cleared up her skin immensely, so worth a shot right?


I reckon there’s no need to do a full explanation of all the products. In short pai skin care  is developed especially for sensitive and/or problematic skin. In their own words:

We carefully select ingredients with proven remedial and skin soothing properties and keep our products free from irritating chemicals and alcohol.

I went for is the combination & blemish-prone skin range which consists of the camellia & rose organic facial cleanser, the rice plant & rosemary bioaffinity toner and the geranium & thistle rebalancing day cream. Besides the gorgeous packaging – glass bottles people, glass bottles – they all feel so soothing on your skin and smell fresh, herbal and clean. It made me rethink my everything-needs-to-smell-sweet preference. In between the toner and day cream I apply the avène soothing hydrating serum to add moisture. The formula is very lightweight, absorbs quickly and has a pleasant barely-there smell to it. I finish off with the la roche-posay anthelios XL non-perfumed sunscreen because I get sunburned easily and we all know by now sunscreen’s the best anti-aging creme on the market. I chose this one because it’s so fluid and non sticky, the only downside to it in my opinion is the smell. I guess the closest term to describe it is ‘pharmaceutical’. But I’ll take it. Lastly, the clarins light lip comfort oil is my personal favorite. As you can see I’ve used up half of this honey scented bottle of goodness and I reckon it’ll last me a good while longer. It’s definitely a bit of a splurge but no regrets here!

I’d love to know what your go to skin care products are?