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This week, the first real sun rays broke through all the rain here in Belgium. My friend and I were taking some pictures for her blog – Vanety – and the sun got us all exited, finally I could bring some of my love for clothes into The Tawny Fox. But I have to say, posing for pictures was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. There’s no way to prepare for this I think. Everyone else makes it look so easy, why is that? Multiple people stared at me with a stupid grin on their face, which clearly implied they thought what we were doing was ridiculous. I guess it’s just something you have to get over. Newfound respect for models and fashion bloggers, check.

Still, actually posting these wasn’t that evident at all, it feels weird to see myself in them – and it kind of seems quite egocentric though I’ve never thought that of any fashion blogger – but after several days of consideration, I’m putting them out there. It was my first try and my goal is to spread my love for clothes and fashion, hopefully you will like the same items I do and find some inspiration in them.

I do feel like it’s uncommon to talk openly about insecurities on blogs – instead of pretending your life is perfect – but let’s be real, we’re only human. And as a human, I can have a great time while feeling uncomfortable, we’re weird like that.




MANGO PANTS (similar) .  OASAP SHOES (similar here and here)

  • http://coloursofmyjoy.com/ Lauren | Colours of my joy

    Ah, grote liefde voor die cardigan! X

    • http://www.thetawnyfox.com Liesbeth Schreurs

      Jazeker, zaligste aankoop ooit! X

    • http://www.thetawnyfox.com/ Liesbeth I THE TAWNY FOX

      Jazeker, zaligste aankoop ooit! x