F a s h i o n, L i f e s t y l e, P e r s o n a l s t y l e
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It’s been way too long since my last post! I had my first exam yesterday and it’s been hard trying to get all that knowledge in my head. I still have some more to go but next week, the blog will be back on track! By the next exam period, I’ll be sure make several posts in advance like a good trooper, that’s a promise. I hope the weather turns up after the exams so I can take these out for a walk instead of just staring at them. I don’t fall in love with shoes that easily, but man I fell hard this time! Kind of hard not to catch your eye right? Right.

  • Vane

    Oeeh shiny ^^

  • http://www.noglitternoglory.com Patricia

    Moooooooi! Altijd een fan van shiny shoes :)

    • Liesbeth Schreurs

      Danku! Als het maar blinkt ;)