D I Y, I n t e r i o r
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Nowadays, so many fun projects can be realized with a low budget. I’m really picky about interior pieces and when I don’t find anything to my liking, I try to fabricate it myself. This is especially true for our TV shelving, I didn’t find anything remotely likable within budget. So we went to IKEA, bought a few pieces from the clothing storage line, went out to get some paint and voila! I really love the way it turned out and to this day, it’s still standing – grabbing some wood now.


We got two posts and the open cabinet from the IKEA STOLMEN SYSTEM, don’t forget about the end fittings, you have to buy them separately! We got ten of them, four for the open cabinet and 6 for the shelves.

For the shelves we wanted wood, so instead of the STOLMEN ones we bought three EKBY LAIVA shelves.

To strengthen the shelves we secured a U-profile underneath each of them. I don’t know if it’s really necessary – maybe when you stack books on them – but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For the finishing touches we bought some wood stain – you can choose any coloring you prefer, ours turned out a bit too reddish but, close enough – and some metal paint – in black, but than again it might be the only color they had, bad memory, sorry not sorry.



We painted the shelves with the wood stain and the posts and end fittings with the metal paint, best to leave it to dry for at least a night. If you’re not sure, check the indications on the packaging. For the shelves, you’ll have to get a bit more nifty. To make the shelves fit better in between, we cut out half a cirkel on both sides of every shelve. Best to make the diameter 2 cm bigger than the one from the posts. We then fixed the U-profile to the bottom and drilled a hole trough both the shelf and U-profile on both sides – this is where the end fittings will be secured to the shelves. The STOLMEN system kind of speaks for itself, so just start with mounting the posts and – once secured – installing the open cabinet in between with the four end fittings. Next secure the shelves and you’re done! Already? I know right.