D I Y, I n t e r i o r
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Long overdue, another DIY for you. See what I did there. So about two years ago, I made this yarn globe with my boyfriend and we were so proud of the result I wanted to share it with you. It’s a lot of fun to make – unless you’re like me and get stressed out when things don’t go the way you want them to – and it’ll look good in any home in my opinion. It’s a really versatile piece as it can be used as a light fixture or as decoration, and you can play around with numbers and sizes. Having created something out of nothing is really another kind of satisfaction. We fell in love with it and as to this day it’s still an eye-catcher in our living room.


Cotton yarn
Wallpaper glue
Exercise ball / (Blow up) ball / Balloon – but the shape will be less round –
Plastic wrap – if you are using and exercise ball or (blow up) ball –
Gloves – if you mind getting your hands dirty –

You’ll also need a place to hang your ball OR use a bowl as a base for the ball to balance on.


Start by suspending your ball – or place it on top of a bowl – and wrap it with the plastic wrap. This way your ball won’t get dirty. Obviously you can skip this step when using a balloon as you will pop it eventually. Next draw a cirkel on top of the ball where you’ll leave the opening if you plan on using it as a light fixture – you don’t need an opening at all if you just want to use it as hanging decoration but please use a balloon in this case, you won’t be able to pull anything out afterwards – or as a floor ornament.


Our method of suspension wasn’t all that – it actually fell down once, yeay us – so you’ll have to get creative. For this big exercise ball it might just be easier to put it on a big enough bowl. Of course your sharpie cirkel will now be on the bottom, just thought I’d mention it. Our ball is hanging from an iron wire, that’s why it looks like it’s floating mid air, it’s not.

Now you can get to the fun and messy part, wrapping the ball with glue dripping yarn. We used wallpaper glue and the container was big enough to easily soak the yarn in. I have read about people using a mixture of craft glue, corn starch and water so use whatever you prefer.
Than just dip the yarn in the glue and wrap it around, and around, and around, and, you get the point. I’d like to tell you how much you need but I forgot how many meters of yarn we bought. I can tell you we bought two of those wrapped balls if that’s any reference. But it’s a big ball and you have a lot of surface to cover, so I recommend starting this on a day stores are open so you can get more quickly if needed. This might seem obvious but trust me, you’ll forget.

I started wrapping at the cirkel on top, left the loose end there, wrapped the yarn around once and went over the loose end to secure it. I didn’t make a knot because it looked to bulky for my taste. It’s sticky enough to stay in place. When you’re done, you can just tuck in the loose end underneath the rest of the yarn and put some extra glue on it with your fingers so it won’t pop back out.


Now all you can do is wait – for 24 hours – to let it dry. It might be dry quicker but it’s better to be sure. After, deflate the ball – or pop the balloon – and pull it out through the opening you left. If you’re lucky the plastic wrap will follow, if not, try not to swear while poking and prying it out.

And there you have it, your finished – completely home made – yarn globe. All that’s left is to put a light fixture in it and you’re done. I haven’t made a hanging type yet so you might want to look up some extra information about attachment of the globe to the fixture. We meant to put a standing light in our globe but we’ve postponed our trip to ikea several times. It’s a work in progress. Yes, it has been for two years, don’t judge.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do and make sure to share your experiences with this DIY in the comments!