H a i r, P e r s o n a l s t y l e
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As you may or may not know, my hair decided to get some growing done in these past years and I have to say, it did a good job. Even though me and my hair are often treated to lot’s of oohs and aahs – which I enjoy, who doesn’t? – there are times that I’ve had a pair of scissors ready at hand to cut it all off. Why? If you bother asking such a question, I’m going to assume you do not fall under the long hair category. Thinking about it, me and having long hair are actually kind of a paradox. Maintaining long hair is a job on it’s own, and seeing as I have a lazy nature, we’re not that great of a match. But we manage.

So, for all you midi-haired-girls out there, who might have been thinking about growing out your hair – or any other person who enjoys reading about hair – here’s some food for thought! No, it’s not all bad, chill.


The best thing about long hair is most obviously the endless possibilities of hairstyles. Especially braids going on for miles, getting your big bun game on and creating those coveted beach waves everyone’s drooling over. Hello youtube tutorials. I can honestly say, it can be done, it just takes some a lot of practice. There are some factors in play here though – having thick or thin hair, how much of it’s in supply – which determine your chances of success. Too much hair? RIP elastics, you tried. Too heavy? Make sure to stock up on a gazillion bobby pins to keep that bun in place.

Winter is not the best season for me, hair get’s stuck everywhere. I often look like a raging lunatic in my attempts to take off my scarf, not to mention my coat. Zippers are my worst enemy, but buttons take a much deserved second place. These situations are not the only time and place my hair get’s caught onto something. Imagine yourself lying in bed with your boyfriend, he has his arm around you and your happily snuggling up against him. Then, you remember you forgot something and without thinking, you rush up, only to be catapulted back down into the bed again. Get’s me every time. And to conclude with ‘hair getting places’, if you’re not careful at dinner, you will end up eating it, or smearing bolognese sauce across your white chiffon blouse.


Showers, yes I enjoy a good long shower. And the best excuse for it, is having to cover all that surface of hair. Save water? I’m afraid not. So, the right equipment is crucial, I can’t tell you how many hours were lost sniffing all the shampoo and conditioner bottles available at the store. It drives my boyfriend nuts. Choosing is a hard task, and a pricey one at that. More hair, means bigger amounts of all the gooey stuff. Consequently you’ll run out faster. Obviously you’ll have to invest in all kinds of extra products to keep it shiny smooth, because I’m worth it.

One important advice I’d like to give is, cut your hair regularly. Nobody wants to see those raggedy-*ss split ends. Your hair will go from gorgeous to gross fast.


With this, somewhat grim, introduction of my view on being the owner of swooping long hair, I wanted to begin a series of posts in which I will give myself a new hairstyle to challenge every week. I will tell you all about my struggles – or not if there aren’t any, HA big woop – and obviously I will give you all the information on how to achieve set hairstyle.

P.S.  I had loads of fun making these images with a friend. We used the burst mode on my iphone 6. If you haven’t heard of it until now, you’re missing out! Just go to the camera function, and instead of tapping the button once, hold it down to take 10 frames per second and release when done. Use the burst mode in combination with long hair, and you’ll end up with something like this:


Most laughs I’ve had in a while!