B e a u t y, P e r s o n a l s t y l e
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So, my guess is you already know which store I went to. I caved again when I entered their store in Maastricht – the sad thing is I actually didn’t go to buy stuff for myself, but I went with Lauren from Colours Of My Joy to buy some presents for her mother’s birthday. I’m a weak, weak person. However, now I can spread the joy that is Lush!


Being on the lookout for a new shampoo – I switch a lot – this BIG seasaltshampoo caught my eye. Well, actually it caught my nose because to be honest, it was one of the few shampoo’s with a nice – gorgeous actually – scent to it and the one trait a shampoo HAS to have – in my opinion – is a nice fragrance. The seasalt is ment to give your hair extra volume – like the sea salt spray when making beach waves – and in combination with the coconut oil, your hair gets all the benefits without drying out! That being said, it definitely gives my hair more volume, though only for a few hours. I’m afraid the shampoo had an uneven battle with my long heavy hair and was doomed to fail. But I’ll take the few hours any day!


The previous time I went to the Lush store, the lovely saleswoman at the register gave me a sample of the LOVE LETTUCE fresh facial mask. Wat she didn’t mention was I had to put it in the fridge, hence I didn’t, hence the mask went bad – fast – before I got to use it. But it smelled so delicious – like lavender – I had to try it. It contains ground almonds from which you get a scrubbing sensation when applying, the fact that it comes fresh out of the fridge gives it a cooling effect and all the other lovely smelling ingredients make for baby soft skin afterward.


If you’ve been around for a while, you might recognize this perticular – THE KISS - lip scrub. It is still the same one – there’s still so much left even though I use it often – and I still love every grain of it. There’s only one thing left to say, go buy this and have happy lips forever.

  • http://www.curlyredstraightblonde.com/ Anneleen Meurs

    Ik heb het ook al voorgehad dat mijn maskertje slecht was geworden.. Zo zonde hé!
    De lip scrub wil ik zeker ook eens uitproberen! Ziet er super leuk uit!

    • http://www.thetawnyfox.com/ Liesbeth I THE TAWNY FOX

      Ja dat viel echt even tegen! Het leert je wel om het maskertje ook echt te gebruiken want soms worden zo een dingen al eens in de kast vergeten. En de lip scrub moet je zeker uitproberen!