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A few months ago, I bought this loupe pendant necklace from Mariaela’s etsy shop and I’ve been smitten with her designs ever since. Her story started in Poland, where she has been making jewelry for over ten years. All her designs are hand made with the Tiffany stained glass technique, in combination with ecologically safe tin alloy. She also immerses stones, sand, pieces of metals, flowers and plants into the glass giving all her designs a unique look. Ela about her jewelry:

“My work is modern and unique, with elements of nostalgic longing for the past. It does refer to presently popular trend called ‘retro vintage’. I believe that emotions that accompany my work transfer into the product I make. And my emotions are joy, positive energy and love.”


Mariaela’s jewelry consists of bracelet’s, rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches all handmade with a lot of care and precision. My personal favorites are the terrarium pendant necklaces and big statement rings – I have my eye on a big red cocktail ring – soon to be additions to my collection! Visit Mariaela’s Etsy shop for more information and designs. Find her on Instagram and make sure to tag your photo with #MARIAELA to star in her feed. If you’d like to take a look into her nostalgic way of life and creation of her jewelry, enjoy this beautifully made video.


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