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This article is a good example of my procrastination, memebox connoisseurs might know this box was sold months ago. So long overdue, my impression of the cutiepiemarzia memebox! I’m a big fan of Marzia’s youtube channel and when she did – not one but four – collaborations with memebox I have to admit I went a little crazy. So what is memebox? Their goal is to make you acquainted with Korean beauty by making themed boxes. But the thing is, they kind scr*wed us Europeans over, because since Februari they only continued to ship to the USA. Thanks memebox. But because I fell in love with Korean beauty products and make-up, I didn’t want to deny you to pleasure of discovering them for yourself! Anyway, there are other webshops that sell these products so no harm done. I recommend checking out Best BB Creams – though it is a bit more expensive – and Cosmetic Love.


Is it just me or is opening a box full of beauty products really way too exiting! This box contained six full sized products from various brands, from which two beauty products and four make-up products. Before talking about them I should tell you, I have an acne prone combination skin – greasy T-zone and dry cheeks – so this review is based on my skin type. First off, the skin care products.

The YEON jeju hallabong energy – mild all in one serum –  is advertised to be an all in one serum combining essence, emulsion and serum, providing moisture to the skin and keeping it energetic and healthy. It smells very citrusy, I’m not a fan of this scent but I know a lot of people are, so it’s probably just me. The serum has a gel-like texture and isn’t sticky but I do feel like it feels heavy on your skin, even though it absorbs well. I only use it on my cheeks since my T-zone doesn’t need the extra moisture. I don’t know if it does that much for my face, it doesn’t make me feel more awake or anything, but than again I never used serums before and never felt the need either.

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The TONYMOLY red appletox honey cream claims to do a lot of things, cool sensitive skin, nourish, moisturize, smooth and give elasticity. I have to say, it smells amazing, like fresh apple compote. The texture is kind of funny looking, like a liquid gel consistency, but it surprisingly absorbing after applying which I’m a big enthousiast of. I started off with using this product as a daycream, but this backfired quickly. I started breaking out badly on my forehead so I stopped using it immediately. After doing some research I found that it also contains some exfoliating properties and that for people with more oily skin – or really dry skin – it’s better to use it only once or twice a week, which I’m doing now. In case you’re wondering, I went back to – in my case best daycream ever – the clinique moisture surge, extended thirst relief and my skin has cleared up completely.

Now for the make-up products, it went two ways here, I like two of them, I don’t like the other two. I’d like to start off with the ones I didn’t enjoy. The first one is the CHEECK ROOM lip balm. The only thing I like about this product is the packaging, it’s really beautiful with the pin-up inspired girl on top. But even the packaging has flaws, I look like a moron trying to open it, it’s so difficult! And for the lip balm, I hate the tin kind, dipping your finger in the greasy stuff – and it is sticky and greasy – and having to wipe them afterwards. But even if I didn’t mind this, the lip balm is just plain bad. It’s so sticky and does nothing for my lips. Maybe I’m too negative but it wasn’t for me.

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Then for the REVECEN face control foundation – #002 violet – I have to be honest. I did not test this product yet. I don’t apply foundation that much and covering my face in purple powder just seemed kind of strange. I have read that it makes your face a bit grayish looking and since I’m already very pale, I’m not planning on looking more like a zombie. It should reduce redness though so if you’re suffering from red spots this might be the product for you. I will update this article once I’ve actually tested this product to give a more accurate opinion, my apologies.

Now for the good stuff! These two products were a surprise, because they came in different colors. Let’s start off with the SHARA SHARA petit friend matt lip crayon. It comes in four colors – light pink, fuchsia, red and orange – and honestly I was hoping I didn’t get the orange, but surprise surprise it came in orange. Now I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised after applying, it actually looks great! You can built up the color as bright as you want if like me you’re not quite used to orange on your lips. I think a lip crayon is a good way to explore to more unusual lip colors.









And last but not least, the SHARA SHARA triple shine color shadow. This brand just keeps impressing me! This also came in four colors – light pink, violet, cobalt and yellow – and this time, I was lucky. I wished for yellow and yellow came! Eyeshadow is not something I wear on a daily basis and colors like blue and purple are way too much for my plain face. The pink would have been fine as well I think, but than again I don’t want to look like I have pink eye. Bad joke? Anyway, even though the packaging is really small, there’s a good amount of shadow in there and the colors are beautiful. It’s perfect to take with you when traveling or for doing touch ups. I have green eyes so I think the yellow/gold/brown colors complement them best, I’m a happy girl.