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It’s Memebox time again! My love for Asian beauty products has not resided one bit, so I’d like to introduce you to a few more. One of my dreams is to visit Japan and South-Korea, they have an amazing culture and architectural heritage for one, but obviously the stores would be seeing a lot of me too. One more thing, you might have noticed I only publish once a week – on monday-ish – now. This will continue for the month of June because of my exams. But don’t worry, starting July, I will be alive and kicking again!


This girl loves her pink so you can imagine my excitement opening this box! I got six full sized products this time, most of them make-up related. They are all from the famous Korean beauty brand Banila co. If you missed the last Memebox and want more info about it check out the previous article. First off the skin care products:

CLEAN IT ZERO – This product, wow, my favorite by far! It’s a make-up remover and it works wonders. It has a weird soapy texture but when you dig in and rub it on it becomes slightly gel like. I recon it’s best described as a cleansing oil though and the best thing is it doesn’t dehydrate your skin. It removes all make-up, including your eyes and just needs to be rinsed off. I use it to remove eyeliner but not for mascara, the product is completely safe and doesn’t sting but when it get’s in your eyes, your sight becomes temporarily blurry which is to be expected. It has no added fragrance but still has a wonderful slightly flowery scent to it. It feels good, smells good, leaves you feeling fresh and clean, what more do you want? It’s no wonder it’s rated a holy grail product by a lot of bloggers and is one of the favorites in South-Korea.

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CLAYPATRA FACIAL SCRUB – Who doesn’t love a good facial scrub. I’ve always been fascinated with clay based products and now I finally own one. All I can say is I will be trying out more! It doesn’t contain anything like sugar, salt or seeds for the scrubbing effect, instead the mud kind of cloths together when rubbing it on which creates the peeling effect. This way it’s really tender and soft for your skin. And the smell, I can’t even explain it. Heaven in a tube.

Next up, the make-up products:

PRIME PRIMER CLASSIC – Honestly since I don’t use foundation a lot, I don’t really need a primer. And since I have a combination skin the only thing oily is my T-zone. I don’t feel like I start reflecting the sun because of the shininess of my forehead so again, not much need for a primer. I honestly haven’t had the chance to try it, so if you have any experience with this product, let me now! One thing though, I don’t know what’s up with these products but this has such a wonderful smell to it again. Can’t say I mind!

thetawnyfoxmemebox2-5      thetawnyfoxmemebox2-6

EYE LOVE GEL LINER NATURAL BLACK – I’m into a good cat eye, but practice makes perfect and using a brush dipped in gel liner is HARD. I need redo my eyes multiple times using this, but hey, thank god for my clean it zero. When they say natural black, they mean BLACK, which is a good thing, maximum effect!

VANILA TINT BALM PINK ILLUSION – If you read the previous article, you know I’m not fond of lip balms in jars. And again I disliked this one. Yes it smells like candy but other than that, it’s not nourishing, does not give of a pink shade and is very, very sticky. No thank you.

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GLAM MUSE LUSTER LIPSTICK – This lipstick came in red as well but I got the bright pink one. This colour scared me, straight up Barbie pink. Since I’m very modest in my make-up use and colour palette, I had to muster up some courage to apply this. But am I glad I did, it’s not that bad! When applied it turns into a nice pink, bright, but nice and I was happily surprised the colour suited me. It contains argan oil and coconut seed so it’s very easy on your lips. More please!


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