B e a u t y, P e r s o n a l s t y l e
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So – finally – what found it’s way into my suitcase back from Milano? One word, MAKE-UP. Or is it two? Whatever. It was the only thing I was interested in buying and with huge amounts of self control I selected a few items I had to have. It was a bigger splurge than my usual make-up spendings, but hey, it’s Milano right?

To start off, we unexpectedly walked into the first L’Oréal Paris flagship store. Imagine a store, stocked only with L’Oréal Paris products, crazy! They had everything from make-up to shampoo to sunscreen. The thing that caught my eye was the lip liner couture by color riche – in 302 bois de rose – one sophisticated lip liner packaging right there. I use it to colour in my lips completely, not as a lip liner, yet. It’s such a lovely pink shade and I’ve been using this so much it already needs sharpening. Nuf said.

Next, the famous Italian make-up brand KIKO. The price is mostly comparable with drugstore items though they have some more expensive products. The store is very teen oriented – bright, loud and colourful – and as to be expected very crowded. But the nice thing is that it’s a real swatching paradise, that is if you can elbow your way trough the herd of people. The items I got are the super colour eyeliner - in dark brown – and the eyebrow expert styling kit – in colour 01. First of all, I am in love with these products! The eyeliner belongs straight in applying heaven and stays on perfectly, on top of that, it can be removed – or if you’re like me corrected – with one good cotton swipe. The only remark I have is that the colour is definitely not dark brown, but plain black. It looks brown in the packaging, but when applied, it’s black. Magic? It wasn’t a waste of money though as it only cost me 6,90 euros. Say what now? This still leaves me brown eyeliner-less, will need to fix that. As for the eyebrow kit, the colors are perfect for my very dark ash-toned eyebrows. There are two shades of powders – light and dark to create your exact eyebrow hue – a shaping and fixing wax, tweezers, an applicator brush and a styling brush. This awesome package is sold for only 13,90 euros! As an eyebrow novice I can tell you this is a great starters kit, and for you pros out there, I have a feeling it will end up as one of your favorites as well. By now I imagine I’ve completely won you over, so to add to your excitement I’m happy to introduce to you the Belgian KIKO webshop!


Because Belgium is not currently blessed with the presence of a SEPHORA, we had to – no, needed to – visit one in Milano. There were a lot of items on my list, but unfortunately – though fortunately for my wallet – the stores were rather small and only a limited amount of brands were present. After reading so many praising blog posts about NARS – and being in need of a liquid concealer – I just had to snatch up their radiant creamy concealer. My skin needed the vanilla one, pale as I am. The saleswoman first suggested the palest one – chantilly – I couldn’t help but be slightly insulted and picked one shade up, it ended up being a good choice though. I can understand why it’s so loved, it blends really well and sits very natural. Plans on expanding my NARS collection are being made as we speak. The last item, and at that the most expensive one, is non other than URBAN DECAY’s NAKED 3 eyeshadow palette. You may remember I don’t wear eyeshadow that often, but these colours won me over utterly and completely. They are so subtle and I enjoy experimenting with them, your eyes look more defined but still natural, this definitely belongs in the no-make-up make-up category. Besides, I could stare at those pinkish shades all day.