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MINI DIY: nail polish mug


You may have noticed my foxy mug  in the previous post, and  you may even be interested in owning one of these. Well, you’re in luck! It’s super easy to make one yourself.

What you’ll need:


Mug   .   Nail polish   .   Stencil   .   Small cutter

I got my mug and nail polish from HEMA, but any kind of store like this one or second hand shop will sell them at low prices. I chose grey for this mug but it’s fun to play around with different colours. You can download the picture of the stencil I made by clicking on ‘Stencil’ above or make one yourself. It’s for you to decide how big you want the numbers.

TheTawnyFox-5 TheTawnyFox-6

First cut out the stencil, I recommend using thick paper. You may have noticed the paper in my pictures isn’t thick at all, and yes, this means I screwed up the first time. We’re only human! But seriously, no thin paper, it’ll end up really messy and you’ll end up annoyed. Thick paper, way better. When you’re done, tape the stencil to the mug. Try and tape it as tight as possible, that way you’ll avoid the nail polish finding it’s way underneath the stencil. I applied three coats of nail polish, I guess it depends on which kind you use. The one I used needed the extra layer to smoothen out the surface. After letting it dry I had to retouch it because it smudged a bit at the sides, but nail polish remover works like a charm so it cost me not much extra effort.


And you’re done!