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I’ve been hinting I had something exciting planned for you and now the moment is finally here! I’m happy to introduce you to the gorgeous jewelry brand ST’ATOUR. I also have a surprise in store so if I got you curious, keep reading on!

It all started roughly 3 years, when an idea sparked in the mind of Stephanie Wilfert. Based in Leipzig – Germany – she now runs a successful one woman business, creating unique minimalistic jewelry pieces by hand. ST’ATOUR is a combination of the first two letters of her name and the French word ‘atourner’ which means ‘to adorn oneself’, in this case with handmade statement jewelry. She draws inspiration from the pure beauty of things, clear shapes and keen contrasts. All of her jewelry pieces are the result of her passion, dedication and pride for her craft.


I asked her what made her start the journey into jewelry making and she answered: “As a Designer I‘m truly in love with shapes, forms, patterns and beautiful things. Also simplicity. My personal style is full of simplicity, particularly colours – I don‘t wear them. So it‘s natural to add a little extra to my outfits by wearing special jewelry.

And so, in late summer of 2012 there was an idea about starting something on my own. As I always loved jewelry but find it so hard to find affordable pieces of great design and good quality I decided to learn how to make it.

I started with graphic elements, typographic things, catchy slogans as ‘Disco, Schminke, Jungs’ – Disco, Make up, Boys – but then a natural raw crystal crossed my way. I was fascinated what nature is able to do with a few elements, much time, heat and pressure. I began to learn how to plate it with gold and silver. I love this contrast and so I came to all of these wonderful gems. Every stone is different, like all people are. So every costumer gets his own piece of jewelry that nobody else has.

Yeah, now there‘s almost 3 years gone and I learned so much about gemstones, jewelry, elements, techniques, design and I met such wonderful people on my way. I‘m grateful for this opportunity and hope I can make my hobby into my job.”

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The jewelry pieces are created with valuable 925 sterling silver or are gold filled, imparting quality and substance to the necklaces, bracelets and rings. She works with all precious and semi-precious stones showing specific details, that turn every gem into a unicum. I don’t need to tell how much I am in love with her work, but I can tell you there are a lot more necklaces on my wish list!




So what I need you to do now are two things:
FIRST go to the ST’ATOUR ETSY SHOP and pick your favorite piece(s)
SECOND use the awesome discount code THETAWNYFOX15OFF
to get 15% off on all orders!

Valid until the 31st of may so don’t hesitate
and grab your have-to-have jewelry piece(s)!
- This discount code only works in her Etsy shop NOT on her website -




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