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It feels like I will be doing a rant of sorts today, but it seemed like an important subject to discuss. To me it looks like the blogging world tries to draw up life to be kind off perfect and swearing doesn’t really fit in this picture. Of course there are blogs that use offensive words and build their image up around it. But I think it is more uncommon than common, correct me if I’m wrong. The thing is, I’m actually happy about this development because blogs are for all ages and lot’s of young kids/adolescents are influenced greatly by them, especially the big bloggers. When I hear small kids using curse words I all but cringe – when I was that age I often never even heard of them, barbies only use pretty words – but it’s only to be expected when having acces to the internet so quickly in their lives. So you might say we – bloggers, youtubers, influencers –  have a duty to be respectful in our word usage.

But swearing can also bring across a point, add to your character – in a good way – because swearwords are full of emotions and meaning, they make it possible to convey a lot with a few words. On the other hand, it might put people off when overusing them. I use expletives at times when I think they suit my opinion best, but I use the asterisk to censor it in a way. This might seem silly, maybe it is, but there’s a perfectly good explanation. To write a curse word or to say it out loud is a different matter for me, it can be misunderstood when written because there is no tone to a text, only the reader’s interpretation of the sentence in which the word is used. When face to face, you can hear the person’s intention – be it sarcasm, anger, humor, .. – or if not, he/she can correct you on it. On blogs this isn’t possible, so I use the asterisk to soften up the words. Everyone knows what is written but it isn’t read as harshly.

So that’s my opinion, I’d love to hear your experiences and/or struggles with this topic in the comments! Do you have a pottymouth and/or do you enjoy reading blogs with profanity?  I’m sorry if this isn’t one of the cheery posts you might have grown accustomed too but sometimes we have to dig a little deeper.