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Since starting this blog, my love for beauty and skin care related products has continued to grow. I enjoy using make-up a lot more and I regularly – as observed and confirmed by my close friends – treat myself to the wonderful smells of body creams, shower gels and scrubs. However my relationship to facial products has always been a difficult one. I shy away from switching up my routine and until a while ago I used as little products as possible. To give you an idea about my skin, it’s acne prone with a very oily T zone, dry cheeks, a serious lack of hydration and it get’s irritated very easily. Even just wiping it with a washing cloth get’s it all red and angry. So, desperate not to agitate it more I used the bare minimum of water and a day cream. And it worked, for a while I had really good skin and my face looked better than ever. Until I switched my birth control this year. Oh my did I not …



It’s Memebox time again! My love for Asian beauty products has not resided one bit, so I’d like to introduce you to a few more. One of my dreams is to visit Japan and South-Korea, they have an amazing culture and architectural heritage for one, but obviously the stores would be seeing a lot of me too. One more thing, you might have noticed I only publish once a week – on monday-ish – now. This will continue for the month of June because of my exams. But don’t worry, starting July, I will be alive and kicking again! This girl loves her pink so you can imagine my excitement opening this box! I got six full sized products this time, most of them make-up related. They are all from the famous Korean beauty brand Banila co. If you missed the last Memebox and want more info about it check out the previous article. First off the skin care products: CLEAN IT ZERO – This product, wow, my favorite by far! It’s a make-up remover and it …



Make-up plays a major role in a lot of girls’ lives. Leaving the house without any is often quite a challenge – I personally get really paranoid, this translates into me thinking everyone is staring at me like ‘what were you thinking, you can’t pull that off, go back home and fix your face!’ – and I applaud the girls who don’t have any issues with it. I obviously do. Even though I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I do have some basics, so let’s get down to my daily favorites. I very rarely leave my home without any mascara, it does so much for your face, I always feel like I look completely different. The one I’m loving right now is Sexy Pulp by Yves Rocher for extra volume, I don’t recommend using to many layers because you’ll end up with six eyelashes in clumps instead of whatever the amount of eyelashes we have. A friend told me to use a different mascara for extra length on top of the first one. Maybe this …