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the tawny fox: oona press days


A bit overdue but here now, the trip down oona press days memory lane. A lot has happened since the last article, I turned 23 last week. Can’t say I feel any different though. Also the work in my future home is nearing it’s end, which means starting January – probably February – articles on The Tawny Fox will come abundantly and more regularly. Looking forward to that! This week I finished my first construction/building permit, which is kind of exiting since something I designed will actually be built in real life for the first time. It’s a renovation project of a very – VERY – small terraced house but I enjoyed turning it into proper home. Onto the actual subject of this article. Oona represents some amazing brands, I don’t feel like namedropping every brand present without the accompanying photos and background so you can check them all out at Oona’s website. However there are few labels you will see pop up here again – very soon so! CAFE COSTUME will be opening a storefront …