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So, my guess is you already know which store I went to. I caved again when I entered their store in Maastricht – the sad thing is I actually didn’t go to buy stuff for myself, but I went with Lauren from Colours Of My Joy to buy some presents for her mother’s birthday. I’m a weak, weak person. However, now I can spread the joy that is Lush! Being on the lookout for a new shampoo – I switch a lot – this BIG seasaltshampoo caught my eye. Well, actually it caught my nose because to be honest, it was one of the few shampoo’s with a nice – gorgeous actually – scent to it and the one trait a shampoo HAS to have – in my opinion – is a nice fragrance. The seasalt is ment to give your hair extra volume – like the sea salt spray when making beach waves – and in combination with the coconut oil, your hair gets all the benefits without drying out! That being said, it definitely gives my …