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Entering fall has made me more appreciative of the few sunny days we have left. So when the sunday morning blue sky predicted a good day ahead, there was no way I was staying inside. I called a friend, grabbed my coat – which in retrospect I could have left home – and left to visit a market filled with handmade goods located in C-mine, Genk – more about that later. Stepping out into the giant courtyard our eyes locked onto a big square steel structure filling up a big part of the space. Obviously we weren’t about to leave without checking it out. It turned out to be a labyrinth – and a rather difficult one at that – designed by the art and architecture duo Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and Herman Meuwes for C-mine’s 10th birthday. Apparently, people like to get lost because due to it’s succes it’s staying put until september 2016! I LOVED it, visiting on a sunny day was the best coincidental choice we made. The structure has circular cut outs all over, …