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Apart from having at least avoided traffic, navigating through Antwerp wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  Driving down cable car tracks just feels very unnatural. As we passed the street we were supposed to drive through, I looked over to my friend Van with the ‘of-course-face’. Of course it was under construction. She grinned, threw up her shoulders and said “eh, we’ll get there”. I was so happy to have her with me, calming force to the rescue. We met up with Lauren after parking the car and soon enough we set course to our first stop of the day, Feinest labels. It was my first time visiting the press days in Antwerp, so with no idea what to expect I stepped through the big glass doors of the showroom. We got a lengthy explanation from all of the labels present but only a few really spoke to me. Starting off with one that encompasses my biggest obsession, lingerie. OPHELIA lingerie was founded by Ophelia Debisschop – the wonderful woman in the photo below – who makes each individual …



Mind – since the day I wrapped my head around the fact I’m actually moving out – on decorating none stop. I think Pintrest is sore from me scrolling through endlessly. ‘I don’t need a Pintrest house’ he says, but dear boyfriend, I do. I’m trying hard not to drive him completely crazy with my ideas so instead I might as well share them with you. These are some interior objects I’m fawning over, and will hopefully end up in my house too. A N I M A L S RHINO.OUI • BEAR.OUI • BEAR/PENGUIN.MAISONS DU MONDE F A B R I C LINNEN.H&M HOME • BASKET.OUI • BOXES.OUI C A N D L E S H&M HOME • OUI • H&M HOME C O P P E R LAMP.MAISONS DU MONDE • BASKETS.OUI • STOOL.MAISONS DU MONDE Which interior trends/items get you excited?



Nowadays, so many fun projects can be realized with a low budget. I’m really picky about interior pieces and when I don’t find anything to my liking, I try to fabricate it myself. This is especially true for our TV shelving, I didn’t find anything remotely likable within budget. So we went to IKEA, bought a few pieces from the clothing storage line, went out to get some paint and voila! I really love the way it turned out and to this day, it’s still standing – grabbing some wood now. WHAT YOU’LL NEED We got two posts and the open cabinet from the IKEA STOLMEN SYSTEM, don’t forget about the end fittings, you have to buy them separately! We got ten of them, four for the open cabinet and 6 for the shelves. For the shelves we wanted wood, so instead of the STOLMEN ones we bought three EKBY LAIVA shelves. To strengthen the shelves we secured a U-profile underneath each of them. I don’t know if it’s really necessary – maybe when you stack books on them …



Long overdue, another DIY for you. See what I did there. So about two years ago, I made this yarn globe with my boyfriend and we were so proud of the result I wanted to share it with you. It’s a lot of fun to make – unless you’re like me and get stressed out when things don’t go the way you want them to – and it’ll look good in any home in my opinion. It’s a really versatile piece as it can be used as a light fixture or as decoration, and you can play around with numbers and sizes. Having created something out of nothing is really another kind of satisfaction. We fell in love with it and as to this day it’s still an eye-catcher in our living room. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Cotton yarn Wallpaper glue Exercise ball / (Blow up) ball / Balloon – but the shape will be less round – Plastic wrap – if you are using and exercise ball or (blow up) ball – Gloves – if …