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It’s Memebox time again! My love for Asian beauty products has not resided one bit, so I’d like to introduce you to a few more. One of my dreams is to visit Japan and South-Korea, they have an amazing culture and architectural heritage for one, but obviously the stores would be seeing a lot of me too. One more thing, you might have noticed I only publish once a week – on monday-ish – now. This will continue for the month of June because of my exams. But don’t worry, starting July, I will be alive and kicking again! This girl loves her pink so you can imagine my excitement opening this box! I got six full sized products this time, most of them make-up related. They are all from the famous Korean beauty brand Banila co. If you missed the last Memebox and want more info about it check out the previous article. First off the skin care products: CLEAN IT ZERO – This product, wow, my favorite by far! It’s a make-up remover and it …



This article is a good example of my procrastination, memebox connoisseurs might know this box was sold months ago. So long overdue, my impression of the cutiepiemarzia memebox! I’m a big fan of Marzia’s youtube channel and when she did – not one but four – collaborations with memebox I have to admit I went a little crazy. So what is memebox? Their goal is to make you acquainted with Korean beauty by making themed boxes. But the thing is, they kind scr*wed us Europeans over, because since Februari they only continued to ship to the USA. Thanks memebox. But because I fell in love with Korean beauty products and make-up, I didn’t want to deny you to pleasure of discovering them for yourself! Anyway, there are other webshops that sell these products so no harm done. I recommend checking out Best BB Creams – though it is a bit more expensive – and Cosmetic Love. Is it just me or is opening a box full of beauty products really way too exiting! This box contained six …