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Don’t you just hate chapped lips? Awful. I used to have it so badly it left indentations in the top of my lipstick. And well, wearing any kind of lipstick is out of the question since you’ll look like, I actually don’t know how to describe the sight of a chapped lips and lipstick combination but, you get my drift. So, after another horrible winter of mutilated lips and no good lip balms I – FINALLY – came across a solution. All hail the lip saviors! I’m very happy to introduce to you, the Lush lip scrub – The Kiss edition from valentines day – and Blistex MedPlus lip balm. My lips have never looked better – instagram lipstick pictures popping up like nobody’s business –  you can imagine my relief of finally owning a pair of nice looking lips. The lip scrubs from Lush are all amazing but I went for The Kiss because it had the sweetness of the Bubblegum flavor, but also contained a little bit of salt to add to the taste – you …