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In my trip to Milano, we also brought a visit to Como, best known for it’s lake. In my opinion it was even more beautiful than Milano and thus I wanted to share my impression of the city. For the record, again this is a collection of my friends and my pictures. Hope you enjoy! The nature in Como is really quite stunning, I can imagine myself living in one of the houses on top of that mountain. You can’t go to Italy without eating some – ridiculously delicious – gelato! Casa del Fascio is an intriguing building, I’m glad we got to see it from the inside as well – you can find more pictures on my instagram. The kindergarten – designed by Giuseppe Terragni – had an eerie feel to it at times. This was the last photo diary from my trip, but best things are kept for last, so the Milano haul will be coming soon!



To give you a better impression of Milano, I put together a photo diary. The pictures are a collection of our whole group of friends so that’s why some are edited and some aren’t. Forgive me for the incoherentness – is that even a word? – but it’s a good representation of our experiences. The two pictures framing this text are taken inside the Fonderie Milanesi -as mentioned in the previous Milano post – the awesomeness radiating from this place is almost too much to handle. Of course we visited some of the icons of Milano like the The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – one of the world’s oldest shopping malls – and the Duomo. In case you were wondering, yes, I was in fact standing on the roof of the Duomo, it was a-mazing. And then, all of a sudden, Milano had its own Arc de Triomphe? And trees sprouted from the roof, covering everything in their wake. The architecture school – below – was an intriguing building. I wish we would have spent more hours there – instead …