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I’ve been hinting I had something exciting planned for you and now the moment is finally here! I’m happy to introduce you to the gorgeous jewelry brand ST’ATOUR. I also have a surprise in store so if I got you curious, keep reading on! It all started roughly 3 years, when an idea sparked in the mind of Stephanie Wilfert. Based in Leipzig – Germany – she now runs a successful one woman business, creating unique minimalistic jewelry pieces by hand. ST’ATOUR is a combination of the first two letters of her name and the French word ‘atourner’ which means ‘to adorn oneself’, in this case with handmade statement jewelry. She draws inspiration from the pure beauty of things, clear shapes and keen contrasts. All of her jewelry pieces are the result of her passion, dedication and pride for her craft. I asked her what made her start the journey into jewelry making and she answered: “As a Designer I‘m truly in love with shapes, forms, patterns and beautiful things. Also simplicity. My personal style is full …