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Apart from having at least avoided traffic, navigating through Antwerp wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  Driving down cable car tracks just feels very unnatural. As we passed the street we were supposed to drive through, I looked over to my friend Van with the ‘of-course-face’. Of course it was under construction. She grinned, threw up her shoulders and said “eh, we’ll get there”. I was so happy to have her with me, calming force to the rescue. We met up with Lauren after parking the car and soon enough we set course to our first stop of the day, Feinest labels. It was my first time visiting the press days in Antwerp, so with no idea what to expect I stepped through the big glass doors of the showroom. We got a lengthy explanation from all of the labels present but only a few really spoke to me. Starting off with one that encompasses my biggest obsession, lingerie. OPHELIA lingerie was founded by Ophelia Debisschop – the wonderful woman in the photo below – who makes each individual …