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During my stay in Milano earlier this year, I met the most amazing – twin – girls. We – my sweet friend Vane and I – knew then and there we needed to see them again. No sooner said than done,  Vane and I flew off to Warsaw this summer to stay with them for four days. I didn’t have a lot of expectations for Poland since I really had no idea what it was like there, but I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Krakau – which we visited by train – was definitely the prettiest with all of it’s old architecture, cozy streets filled with typical Polish shops and big town square as a podium for a weekly market filled with handmade goods. Warsaw on the other hand was a big city, and with big I mean BIG. Since it was bombed during the war, they basically built it back up from scratch. A lot of skyscrapers, big streets, harsh architecture – meaning very clean, cold, straight, communist – and very busy …



Time passes by quickly when you’re having fun! Sorry for keeping you waiting, Milano turned out to be more bussy than expected. So if you read the M(AR)CH TO COME post, you already know that I went to Milano to follow a course at the Politech University. The nice thing was that during this week – apart from following lessons – we went on two trips, one to the centre of Milano, one to Como. The weird thing was that at first my expectations of the city were not met at all, but after a few days it started to grow on me. This was partly because of our fellow Italian student/guide who showed us all the places to be at. We rented a room in a beautiful appartement using airbnb, our host – Valentina – was so lovely! She made us breakfast everyday and made us addicted to Italian coffee. I ended up buying a mokka express from Bialetti, it’s that good. The last day we went shopping, so you can expect a Milano …