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Were you ever in a situation where you planned so many things for summer but then, you ended up doing the complete opposite? Yeah, that happened. They say that after graduation you will inevitably fall into a big black hole. Though that’s not exactly what happened to me, I can relate to that. The last months before graduation were so stressful I needed a break, from everything. I decided I wanted to spend my vacation not ‘having to do stuff’, like I had to at University. I wanted to be free of obligations, unfortunately the blog felt like one of those things at the time. Because let’s be real, blogging takes effort. Coming up with good content joined by equally good pictures takes time and work, and that did not fit into my I’m-having-a-break-from-everything routine. Meanwhile a lot of things happened. I start my new – and very first – job 1st of october at an architecture firm, which is very exciting. But even more exciting is the fact that I’m moving out of my …