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Last summer I went on a one-day trip to Paris with my best friend, Lauren. It was my – slightly overdue, since my birthday is in december – birthday present, for which I can’t thank her enough! We went by train and slept all trough the ride, left at 6 am, go figure. The weather did not greet us nicely, we had grey sky all trough the day. But we couldn’t be bothered, we were in Paris after all! We managed to do some major sightseeing in this short period of time, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, you name it. We even managed to get inside de Arc de Triomphe for free because we are students, ka-ching! At noon we ate some traditional French onion soup, you can never go wrong with that one. In the afternoon we got some shopping done while strolling around – in the rain – with our Starbucks coffees. Again, couldn’t be bothered. I ended up buying an elegant, very Parisian-like skirt and retro shorts, no regrets.

In stead of sleeping on the train ride back, I stared at the severely overpriced macarons we bought at Galeries Lafayette, Paris’ most famous – and may I add, huge – shopping mall. Being in a hurry to catch the train in time, we ate at a Chinese restaurant located at the top floor. The plate of noodles I got was drier than a desert, safe to say I wasn’t too happy about it but than again, I was hungry, and it was food. After dinner, we drooled over expensive brands like Chanel and Guerlain on the main floor and then hurried back to the train station. Though we were exhausted at the end of the day, we had some nice memories to look back on.

Make sure to check out Lauren’s blog – www.coloursofmyjoy.com – she’s awesome.

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    Zo een zalige dag! Super ^^ X